Post Die Attach / Post Wire Bond Inspection

Automated 3rd optical inspection machineIVI 1000 Series


IVI is an automated, reliable and cost effective solution for post die attach, post wire bond inspection and measurement. The system utilises a unique and proprietary sub-pixelling technology with localised calibration and distortion correction enabling high accuracy measurement with unsurpassed repeatability. By integrating multiple high resolution cameras with precision optics, combined with proprietary illumination configured to various inspection requirements, the use of costly laser technology or the cumbersome z-axis focusing adjustment are eliminated. Thus, high accuracy measurement and high speed inspection can be achieved by IVI.

User Friendly Software

Our unique and flexible User Interface allows user to easily define inspection features, such as pass/fail criteria, application priority settings, inspection target and application labelling, lighting controls and many more. For user convenience, inspection recipe can be created, stored and retrieved instantly. The software also provides multi level user access management to ensure security protection of the inspection routine.

IVI Automated machine vision inspection software

Automated Post Die Attach and Wire Bond Machine Vision Inspection System IV E Series

IV E Series

Inspection Capabilities

IVI is able to identify undesired issues created during die bond and wire bond processes. Die inspection includes finding presence of dies, placement errors, surface defects such as scratches and edge chipping; measurement of die rotation and tilt. Wire inspection includes placement error, missing wires, long tail defect; measurement of bond width, bond height and wire loop height. Please contact us for discussion for other inspection requirements.


IVI is an intelligent inspection system with fully programmable indexing system, and has the potential to be integrated to wire bonders. For future improvement, the system is using parallel signal processing (SSE4) for high speed measurement.